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You play as an outlaw aircraft pilot in the island of Ethis, you were hired by the local army to defend their land against the invaders, they need your help against the foe aircrafts but also their armored vehicles and strategical points.

SkyOutlaw is a arcade fighter plane where the player must destroy the ennemies or defend these allies in multiple missions types.

The fighter can only move forward, like a real plane, the player need to rotate laterally his plane and then pitch up or down to change his direction. Beware of the direction when you go up or dive , this increase or decrease speed due to gravity.

The Firing system analyse the area to find and register eligible targets (all the possible targets can be seen in the HUD with a green square on them) wich can be locked (Red Square instead of green) , and manage two weapons : The missiles launchers which use the target locked by the plane system and rush the target during 3 seconds until his destruction;

the canon wich have no targeting system and need to aim.

The HUD contain a very useful panel of information about the plane : (From the top to the bottom) You can see the altitude (measure is in feet) of the plane , the speed (in knots) , the remaining missiles and the canon ammunition. You can also have a look at the plane integrity (with the plane icon) : Green = Good integrity , Orange = Bad , Red = Critical. And the missile launcher state to know when the launcher is ready.

Controls : 

Z or W to pitch up

S to pitch down

Q or A to roll left

D to roll right

Space Bar to launch a missile

Left Shift to increase speed

Left Ctrl to decrease speed

T to change the target

C to shoot with the canon

Music Used : 

Run by Ross Bugden

Dragon Castle By Makai Symphony : https://audiograb.com/KDOCfzbQt


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